December 1, 2010

Hell-oh December :)

Yeahhh, hello welcome december :)

finally we are almost at the end of 2010 ^^
which we would come to a new year of 2011
and it was really fun and exciting of year 2010
and hopefully, this December so called final month of 2010,
would be a lot of happy thing and glad thing happen !
and great memories :)

p/s : Nak tahu x knpe aku sukaaaaaaaaaaa sgt sgt sgt december?
Bulan ni banyakk sgt kawan kawan aku birthday, temasukk lah aku :*
Then bnyak functionn kot,
Hee, jgn lupaa wish tau aku punya ( 25 december )

Sofea Aina - 29 december
Aziez Abu Bakar - 25 december
Alief Ikhbar Joni - 28 december

Lain2 aku tak ingtt, tapi ramai HAHA :)

Thanks for readingg, Miera :)

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